If you are a first time visitor I would like to welcome you to our website and tell you a little about what we do here. Our website went live online in 2010 with the primary aim of providing consumers with well researched and in depth electric shaver reviews. We also compiled a list of the top 5 best electric shavers and a number one best electric shaver recommendation which we keep up to date.

Electric shavers that make it to our Top 5 electric shavers list must pass our quality check and review criteria. We also provide shaving related information on our blog to keep all our readers up to date with the latest shaving info and advice.

Through the whole of 2011 we have achieved our aim in helping thousands of online consumers make easy and informed purchasing decisions, making us one of the UKs leading online sources of men’s electric shaver information.

We are now in 2012 and we have big plans to improve on the success of 2011. We plan to constantly improve the quality and detail of our product reviews. We will be independently reviewing each shaver in great detail and will be including video reviews. We continue to maintain our electric shaver selection proccess through a strict quality check criteria and providing an in depth review. We will be unboxing and testing each shaver on video to give our view on exactly how each shaver performs and to give you a more detailed look at each product, making your online purchasing decisions easy.

Thanks for checking our website and we hope you find everything you are looking for. Should you have any questions please Contact Us.

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