After lots of research on the best beard trimmer to buy online today our top recommended choice is the Philips QT4075 beard trimmer. It has many raving customer reviews & been awarded with high ratings. Some of the main features found with this Philips beard trimmer can be found below. Philips QT4075 beard trimmer

  • Comes with blades that require no maintenance, that are always sharp and do not need oiled
  • Versatile hair length selection from 0.5mm to 18mm gives precision length trimming
  • Revolutionary vacuum function pulls cut hairs into a small chamber on the trimmer handle for no mess trimming
  • Transparent plastic chamber so you can see when it’s full
  • Precise, evenly cut hairs across all areas of face & neck with the built in flex guide comb
  • Strong, long lasting lithium-ion batteries
  • Corded & cordless function

About Beard Trimmers

What is an electric beard trimmer? It is a small handheld male grooming device that is used to trim a man’s beard or facial hair. Beard trimmers replaces scissors that were previously used to perform this function. There are many big reputable companies that make beard trimmers such as Remington, Wahl, Babyliss, Philips & Panasonic. Most of them come with different accessories. So how do you determine which is the best beard trimmer to buy? This guide will help you in selecting the best one for your needs.

Electric vs. Rechargeable vs. Battery

When beard trimmers were first introduced they were all electric corded devices. You had to plug-in the device and a cord was connected to the trimmer. The cord created a challenge because you were constantly rotating the device to avoid the cord.

The next round of innovation was trimmers that ran on batteries. If the battery died all you had to do was to replace the battery. The drain on theman using philips trimmer batteries with a trimmer is immense and it is not unusual to be replacing the battery on a frequent basis. The problem is that you need to keep a supply of batteries on hand just to use the trimmer.

Newer models are rechargeable. They have an electric base that is plugged in to the wall outlet and the trimmer is charged when in the base. During use there is no cord since the trimmer is a rechargeable. Almost all rechargeable devices include a LED light on the base to let you know if the trimmer is fully charged or not. For ease of use and movement, a rechargeable device is preferable.

Height Adjustment

Men wear their facial hair at different heights. Companies realize this so they provide a wide range of height adjustments on their trimmers. The height adjustment works by selecting the right height and installing this over the blade. The trimmer guard will make sure that you are cutting your facial hair at a consistent height. Some men prefer to shave their facial hair very closely which is referred to as a “stubble” cut. Not all trimmers provide a blade that will cut this low. If you wear your beard very tight then you need to make sure the electric trimmer you purchase has a very low cut blade.

Carbon Steel vs. Titanium Blades

Original razors had steel blades. They were good at cutting hair but they were even better at pulling at your skin and cause irritations. Manufactures have improved on this technology with the introduction of carbon steel blades. These blades do not pull at your skin as much and provide a clean cut. Recent improvements have seen the introduction of titanium blades. These blades provide the smoothest cut of all the blade types.

Handle Format

You will be holding the razor by grasping the handle. The handle needs to be form fitting so that it is easy to grip and hold. The best handles are made from rubberized grips. This type of grip is very comfortable.

Water Immersion

Some models of electric trimmers are made to work when immersed in water. This allows you to use the trimmer in the shower. These trimmers provide convenience in that you can trim your beard while taking a shower. The clean-up is less with these trimmers since all clippings are washed down the drain. Not all trimmers will work in the shower. If you want to use the electric trimmer while in the shower make sure the model you select supports this feature.