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We’re excited to introduce our latest addition, the fantastic Braun Series 7-790cc-3 electric shaver which has some amazing and innovative features that I will cover in this review.

This is Braun’s series 7 model, their gold standard shaver which is has some of the latest technology and best design seen in any electric shaver. It has a new thing Braun call Opti Foil which gives an incredibly close shave with maximum comfort on your skin. The Braun 790cc-3 shaver has a unique intelligence base station system which offers users convenience of cleaning and care of this shaver. The Series 3 390cc has a similar system you may want to look at. Exceptional quality is found with Braun shavers but this is the cream of the crop.

Braun has aimed to create a range of electric shavers which offer benefits over regular wet shaving and we believe they achieved this with this model. All their shavers offer exceptional shaving closeness that will lasts all day long. Braun shavers pull less on hairs which is a problem many people find they have with cheaper products. The Series 7 range are designed to be super easy to use with fast cleaning to save you time and offer great convenience over their competitors. The end results with Braun is a high quality product that you love using and will last years.

Innovative features in the Braun Series 7 790cc-3 shaver CleanRenew system

Braun have retained all the high quality, convenience and performance with the new 790cc-3 model that is found in their previous electric shavers. This shaver has several new innovative features mainly with the shaver head which gives a better quality shave & are unique this shaver. It retains the highly effective 3 stage cutting system and the SensoFlex which adapts to curves and groves. Braun call these new technological features OptiFoil & Sonic technology which now delivers the closest shaver seen in any Braun shaver.

The new Sonic technology

The Braun 790cc-3 shaver features all new Sonic Technology which will deliver 10,000 micro-vibrations for superior cutting plus soothing vibrations with every stroke. These 10.000 micro vibrations run every second that acts to smooth your skin will in contact during shaving. These micro vibrations also aid the shaver foil in capturing more hairs. The end result is the ultimate close, smooth, shave with no irritation for the famous shave free weekend.

The OptiFoil feature for Braun’s closest ever shave

In addition to the effective Sonic micro vibrations we talked about, this new Braun Series 7 790cc-3 has a new OptiFoil for maximum results. The new OptiFoil has been special designed in a way to capture more hairs in one stroke than the previous and very efficient Braun SmartFoil. The SmartFoil technology found in the previous Braun Series 7 shavers was designed to cut hair growing in all directions. The new OptiFoil builds on this design but has improved hexagonal holes which vary in size which is capable of capturing even more hairs than the previous SmartFoil.

The unique Braun Premium Clean & Renew System

The Braun Series 7 features an amazing C&C system which acts as a charging stand but at the same time automatically lubricates, cleans & dries the shaver. This is done by placing the shaver heads in the charging stand and pushing a button, the C&C system takes care of the rest. Over time you re use the shave its hygienically clean and feels like your using a brand new electric shaver. The charger offers to charging models. Option one charges for 5 minutes for a quick shave right away or charging for an hour provides you with a full 45 minute shaving time which will last days.

3 stage cutting shaver head

This 3 stage cutting system work in synergy with the OptiFoil to produce Braun’s closest shave ever seen. The shaver head on this Braun Series 7-790cc-3 shaver gives better results on one stroke which other shavers would do with two. No hairs are miss, short and long are captured and cut with the 3 stage shaver head blades. box contents



What comes in the box? 

1 x Braun Series 7-790cc-3 Clean & Renew electric shaver
1 x Handy Travel pouch
1 x Mains adaptor for charger stand
1 x Clean & Renew System stand
1 x Clean & Renew system Refill Cartridge
1 x Shaver oil
1 x Cleaning brush tool


Take a look at the video below to see how the Clean & Renew System works!

Product Rating 4.5 star