Can I take my electric shaver in hand luggage?

Believe it or not but this is a surprisingly common question with very little available information.

Going on holiday should be a relaxing and stress free time. By talking an electric shaver with you it eliminates the morning chore of having to go through the wet shave routine. Bringing your electric shaver along on holiday allows you to leave one of those 9 to 5, Monday to Friday routines at home.

Aside from the benefits of having an electric shaver with you at your holiday destination, It could be that you will be traveling for a long period of time. So what do you do if you are felling uncomfortable and want to shave but you are on a plane? Obviously going to the bathroom with a razor, shaving foam and moisturiser is not practical. The solution for a shave while traveling would be to use an electric shaver, but the question remains, are these allowed on board a plane?

Airport and aeroplane security is of the highest priority and tighter than ever. Air port security has the power to confiscate any item they consider dangers. With some expensive electric shavers costing over £300 you are not going to be too happy if it gets confiscated by airport security.

The UK government website has compiled a list of electronic items that you are allowed to take in both hand baggage and holding baggage. You will be please to know that according to their table electric shavers are allowed to be taken in hand baggage.

You can see the full list of permitted electronic items allowed on the table below:


Should you have any further questions or clarification on what you are allowed on hand baggage then contact your airline and/or departure airport.