Why you need to replace your Shaver Blades

Did you know that over 18 months you will have shaved off an average of 6 millions hairs? That’s equal to shaving an entire football field – pretty incredible!

With such a huge amount of hair we need to cut over a year, obviously shaving blades will need to be replaced. One of the main advantages of using an electric shaver over shaving manually with a razor blade is that you do not need to replace the blades as often. Disposable razor blades need to be replaced often. The very cheap disposable razor blades do not last as long as the more expensive types such as Gillette Fusion Proglide. Personally, when I shaved with good blades such as Gillette Mac 3 I was replacing them every few weeks, and replacement blades of this type is not cheap!

Why should I replace my electric shaver blades?

Even with the choice of the best materials in manufacturing electric shaver blades, over time they will loose their sharpness. Replacement of the blades is necessary for peak performance of the shaver and to ensure a close, comfortable shave all year round. Failing to replace the blades within the manufacturers recommended time frame will result in your shave becoming less close, uncomfortable and could lead to irritation.

Replacement electric shaver blades usually come complete with new head, foil and blades, so after replacing them it’s like using a brand new shaver right out the box.

How often do I need to replace my electric shaver blades?

Replacement time requirements of the blades in an electric shaver depend on the manufacturer. For example, the very popular Braun Series range of electric shavers is recommended for replacing the foil and cutter block every 18 months. While the also very popular Philips GyroFlex 3D range has a recommended replacement duration of 24 months (a whole 2 years!)

Looking after your blades

To keep your electric shaver blades operating at peak performance and to ensure that they last right up to the manufacturer replacement time, there’s a number of steps you should follow. Depending on the make and model of your electric shaver it will require a different level of maintenance. Some electric razors/shavers need to be kept well oiled, so make sure this is not missed if you have a shaver that requires this task. Also, make sure to keep your blades clean and free from build up of hairs. This is a very easy task to do as most electric shavers are water proof so just a quick rinse under running water will do the job.

At the moment Braun offer a “Clean & Renew” charging stand with some of their electric shaver models. What this little machine does is keep the shaver heads clean and lubricated so that the blades are always it top condition and operating at peak performance for the entire 18 months before needing replaced. The Braun “Clean & Renew” system uses an alcohol based cleaning liquid which efficiently removes cut hairs from the shaver head and leaves it hygienically clean. At the same time the system lubricates the blades so there is no need for you to use oil manually, and this feature leaves a refreshing lemon scent ready for your next shave. The “Clean & Renew” system that comes with the Braun series 7 models has a fast clean function which cleans the shaver heads perfectly in only 25 seconds. All that you need to do is place the shaver in the “Clean & Renew” stand after each shave and press one button, job done!

Other popular brands such as Philips have a similar machine called a “Clean & Charge” system which is available on models such as the “Philips Senso 3D Touch RQ1280CC” and operates much like the Braun “Clean & Renew”. If you are investing in an electric shaver, we highly recommend that you pay a little extra and purchase a model with one of these easy maintenance systems.

Where can I get replacement blades and what do they cost?

There are many places you can purchase new shaver heads. You could go directly to the manufacturer or search online, but this could turn out to be quite expensive. We recommend buying replacements at Amazon.co.uk as they usually have a wide range available in stock, offer free shipping and the best price.

At the time of writing this post the Philips RQ replacement shaver heads/blades suitable for models RQ1260, RQ1250, RQ1280 and 3D sensotouch is priced at £25 which is not a bad expense considering replacement is only required every 2 years. For the Braun Series we mentioned, replacement foil and cutters range in price from £16 up to £24 depending on model requirements. Again, not bad for a cost that you only need to cover every 18 months.

Are the shaver heads/blades easy to replace?

The short answer – very easy! To give you an idea of just how easy it is to replace these parts I have provided two videos below to demonstrate.

Replacing Braun and Philips Electric Shaver Blades