Our Top 2 Best Rated Mens Hair Clippers

Note: Below are clippers for shaving the head. If you are looking for shavers for the face CLICK HERE

1 Philips qc5170 hair clipper


2 Wahl Super Taper Hair Clipper


Hair Clippers

Having your own set of clippers at home can save you time & money becomes there is no need to travel & pay for someone to cut your hair. Male grooming products are big business today as men become ever more concerned about how they look & taking great pride in their appearance. One male grooming routine that is now very popular is cutting your own hair at home as today we have access to high quality hair clippers, there’s no need to go to the barber shop any more, particularly if you are just looking for the shaven head look.

Electric Hair Clippers are used to quickly and easily cut hair. They are a great substitution for scissors. With the recent downturn in the economy many people are turning to doing haircuts themselves at home to save money as well as to save time. Prices for a good set of hair clippers fall in the range of £20 to £50 which makes them very cost effective to use at home. Even the better hair clippers can be purchased for the cost of one or two hair cuts at a beauty salon or barber shop.

How They Work

Hair clippers must be able to cut hair at the same length. They accomplish this by drawing the hair into the clipper which is then cut by a blade. If you familiar with hedge trimmers that are used to cut bushes then you are familiar with the type of blade used in hair clippers. This blade moves back and forth in the clipper. They type of cut can be very short or it can be used for total hair removal.

Professional vs. Home Models

Models of hair clippers generally fall into two different categories. The two categories are professional and home models. Where the different models will be used is self explanatory. The biggest difference between the two models is the size of the motor. Professional models generally have a much bigger size motor. This is because they are used on an almost daily basis by a professionally trained hair stylist or barber.

Professional models almost always are pricier than the home models. The home models are designed for less frequent usage so they do not require a bigger motor. Since the home models such as Remington clippers are probably only going to be used once a month or less they are priced to appeal to a very large consumer market.


As mentioned previously hair clippers fall into either a home or professional category. The professional model will generally have a much longer warranty period. This is because they are catering to a professional clientele. The home models may have warranties as short as a year. If you are using your electric hair trimmer on a very frequent basis then you might want to consider the length of the warranty in your purchasing decision.

Styles and Layers

Hair clippers are designed to easily cut hair with very little effort expended. You can use the trimmers to cut hair using different styles. You can also cut layers into the hair which provide a full body appearance.

Ceramic vs. Stainless Blades

The difference in the blade types is broken down into price and quality of cut. Ceramic blades are much cheaper to produce. Ceramic blades will generally be found in the lower priced electric hair trimmers. These blades are good enough for home use that will only be used once a month or less.

Stainless blades provide an improvement in the quality of the cut and are easier on the skin. For this reason they are much more expensive. These blades are found on the more expensive home models and on almost all professional models.

Hair Clippers For Men

The electric hair clipper was first invented way back in 1921 & have grown in popularity. Millions of these shavers or clippers are sold word wide each year. I’ve owned a set of hair clippers for just over one year now & the reason I bought them is because of my hair loss. For a man, watching the hair fall out your head is not a nice experience & it can take some time to get used to. For some men hair loss is devastating but it’s something that is very common & there is no getting away from it if you are genetically predisposed to the condition. When I first started to experience hair loss I tried everything to save my hair, all the hair loss treatments out there but nothing worked. The best thing you can do is just accept it & let it go, that’s what I did & that’s the reason I purchased my hair clippers. Honestly it’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made, well a having shaven head beats having a comb over or bold patch.

A shaven head actually looks really good & that’s why some men who do not suffer from any hair loss choose to shave their head, some women really like the look too which isn’t a bad thing. There are many great clippers on the market from brand such as Remington, BaByliss, Wahl, Philips & Nicky Clarke. Be sure to choose a set from a reputable brand which has good customer food back, to avoid disappointment make sure to select a good quality set of hair clippers. Most good quality clippers such as Wahl come with all the cutting length guards & designed to start using right out of the box.

How To Cut You Own Hair at Home With Clippers