Tips on how to use an electric Shaver Properly

I have researched and reviewed many men’s electric shavers for this website. I have even personally tested and reviewed electric shavers such as the Philips PowerTouch PT720. One thing that I often noticed when researching and reading through customer feedback reviews for some popular electric shavers such as the PowerTouch PT720 and the Braun Series 3 models is that reviews are very mixed.

When reading customer reviews on some electric shavers I would find people saying things like “this is the best electric razor I have ever used”, while at the same time someone else will leave a very negative review on the same product. I have read reviews from people who love their new electric shaver and were happy with how comfortable and close the shave is. But some people will complain that the same electric shaver was uncomfortable, caused redness and even cut their skin.

There are a few reasons as to why two people using the same electric shaver had such a different experience. I have detailed below some of these reasons in more detail. If you are having trouble with using an electric shaver then these points on how best to use an electric shaver may shed some light on the problem and help steer you in the right direction for a comfortable shave.

How to use an Electric Shaver

Some people will buy a nice new electric shaver or will receive one as a gift, only to abandon it a few days later complaining that it’s causing using a shaverirritation, or simply doesn’t work. Providing you have a good quality electric razor you shouldn’t be experiencing any problems if you are using it properly.

Firstly, you need to give your skin a time period of around 5 days use to adapt to the new electric shaver. You also need to read through the instruction booklet provided by the manufacturer that comes with the electric shaver as it should contain a guide on how best to use that particular model.

Make sure that you are using the correct shaving technique depending on shaver type. If you have a foil electric shaver for example, this will be used in a different way to a rotary shaver. With a foil electric shaver you will shave in a straight up and down motion. But with a rotary shaver you need to shave in circular patterns across the surface of the skin. Some people get on much better with a foil shaver over rotary, and vice versa. Give them both a try to see which type best suits you and your skin.

I personally prefer a foil shaver as I like to shave using the up and down motion I’m accustomed to with manual wet shaving and a foil shaver is also much better at precise detailing around side burns.

Preparing for using an Electric Shaver

If you are shaving first thing in the morning, don’t stagger straight into the bathroom and start shaving, give you and your skin a little time to wake up. This helps reduce puffiness so your skin becomes a better shaving surface.

Avoid using a very cheap or low quality electric shaver. Instead, use a good quality electric shaver such as the Braun Series 3 390cc for best shaving results. Also be sure to maintain the performance of your shaver by keeping it clean and replacing the blades when necessary.

Most electric shavers are designed to be used with applying very light pressure. When I first used the Philips PowerTouch PT720 it caused me some discomfort around the neck. However, after using the shaver a few more times I found that I was pressing to hard against the skin during shaving and this was the reason for the discomfort. Try shaving slower while using less pressure.

Use one hand to stretch the skin a little, making it tight and flat. This will stop the skin from creasing up, aiding in giving a close shave with less irritation and more precision.

Another reason as to why a particular electric shaver is causing red or sore skin is down to skin type. As we all have different skin types, some people that have very sensitive skin could experience discomfort and irritation from an electric shaver. If you do suffer from sensitive skin problems it would be best to use a wet and dry electric shave such as the Philips SensoTouch 3D. By using this kind of shaver you can use oils or shaving gels suitable for sensitive skin.

Tyler from gives a great Video on how to use an electric shaver properly