Panasonic Premium 4-Blade ES-LF71



Ever since Panasonic presented it’s very first electric shaver in 1955, they have been the benchmark for electric shaving products. This is one of Panasonics Premium top of the range electric shavers with an all in one Auto-Clean and Charge system. If you are looking for the very best electric shaver that Panasonic has to offer then it doesn’t get any better then this Premium 4 blade ES LF71 model.

Panasonic Premium 4-Blade ES-LF71 Features

  • Minimum pressure required with advanced 4 blade cutting system for less irritation
  • Can be used for both wet and dry shaving – exceptional results with shaving foams, gels or oils
  • 100% waterproof for easy cleaning and can be used under a shower
  • Ergonomically designed Arc shaped shaver foils provides maximum comfort and even shaving
  • The world’s only linear driven shaver for high power, performance and durability
  • Pop out high quality precision trimmer and precision lock features
  • Comes with the Panasonic Clean and Charge stand with clear LED display

Panasonic Premium 4-Blade ES-LF71 Overview / Review

This Panasonic ES-LF71 men’s shaver has a quality feel to it and a stylish sleek, piano black finish. It features a unique 4-blade cutting system that cuts in a 3-stage process for the most close, smooth and efficient shave possible. The first “slit blade” cuts longer hairs while the “lift blade” gently lifts up low-laying or flat hairs on the skin surface. The final “finishing foils” cut short stubble hair for a full, even and close shave with ES-LF71 chargeronly one pass.

The blades on this shaver are three times sharper then a conventional blade with the edges sharpened to a Nano level and the blades are positioned at a specific 30 degree acute-angle for the best possible cut. Unlike conventional razors and other electric shavers the head of this Panasonic ES-LF71 shaver pivots both up and down and side to side for easy contouring following. There is a precision lock feature that locks the head in place giving better control on tricky areas.

The versatility of the ES-LF71 offers both the benefit of a dry shave or can be used for a wet shave with any shaving cream or gel. As an additional feature a horizontal pop-up trimmer is built-in for precise lines and detailing around areas such as side burns.

The charging base also serves as a self-cleaning station which automatically washes, dries and charges the shaver while the lubricant-enhanced washing agent protects and maintains the blades. Other top competitor shaver brands such as Philips RQ1280cc 3D have a similar system. The Panasonic clean and charge station easily matches the performance of its closest competitors.

A durable and high quality battery is an essential feature in any cordless shaver. This Panasonic ES-LF71 model covers this necessity with a high performance and long-lasting lithium-ion battery that offers 45 minutes of cordless shaving time. Battery power level is easily tracked with the build in LED indicator. Should the batter run completely empty there is a quick 5 minute charge function that will provide enough power/time for one shave.

Panasonic Premium ES-LF71 Reviews, Ratings and Conclusion

It was stated by one reviewer that this would be a perfect 5 star product except they felt the price was slightly high, however, they stated the performance is worth the price. In my opinion though, other competitor electric shavers which match the functions and features of this Panasonic Premium ES-LF71 can cost twice as much. Even though the cost of this product is more than the average shaver, it’s still great value for money and is built to last a life time.

Another reviewer wrote that this is truly the best electric shaver they have ever owned and rated it 5/5 stars for the performance and quality of shave it provides.

At the moment this Panasonic Premium ES-LF71 electric shaver has a high 4/5 star rating which is quite exceptional for any product of this type. Mixing the convenience of a dry electric shaver with the quality of shave from the traditional wet razor we believe the performance, ratings and versatility that the ES-LF71 has to offer would be hard to beat. Video Review of the Panasonic Premium 4-Blade ES-LF71

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