Panasonic Shaver ES RF41



Panasonic is known to make some of the best shavers out there. After all, they use state of the art technology to ensure that their product is first class all the way. The Panasonic Shaver ES RF41 is no different as it is considered to be one of the better shavers out on the market today. There are several features of the Panasonic Shaver ES RF41 that are worth mentioning.

Having the ability to shave both wet and dry with a shaver that is fully loaded like the ES RF41 is a great thing to have. The four-blade shaver can handle any stubble in no time at all for that clean, fresh shave each time. Whether you have to shave every single day or once a week, this shaver can give you one of the closest shaves possible electronically.

Wet and Dry Technology

The Panasonic Shaver ES RF41 uses wet and dry technology. This allows the user to choose how they want to experience the shave. Simply put, if they are interested in shaving dry they can do this easily. However, if they decide to add a shave gel to their face for added smoothness and comfort this can be accomplished as well. The best part is that the Panasonic Shaver ES RF41 is completely waterproof.

Curved Foil

Your face is not flat and either is the foil on the Panasonic ES RF41. This means that the razor area will fit snuggly against your skin to give you the most comfortable shave possible. If you have ever used a razor in the past that is uncomfortable the odds are that the foil was irritating your skin as it was rubbing it the wrong way. With the Panasonic Shaver ES RF41 you never have to worry about this happening as your comfort is all but guaranteed.

Multiple Blades charging stand

The ES RF41 is equipped with four blades that work in conjunction to give you the absolute closest shave possible. An increased amount of blades is what accounts for your ability to shave in a shorter period of time. The large number of blades allows you to cover more ground quickly as when compared to an electric shaver that only has two blades. In addition, the fourth razor is specially designed to lift flat lying hairs making it almost impossible to miss hairs of any size.

Pivoting Head

The fact that the head of the Panasonic Shaver ES RF41 pivots cannot be overlooked. The pivots allow the shaver itself to move naturally along with the contour of your skin. Furthermore, it guarantees a smooth shave as it will virtually eliminate the possibility of you damaging your skin while shaving.

Super Sharp Blades

The blades of the Panasonic Shaver ES RF41 have been sharpened using nano technology. This is nice because the blades are as sharp as they could possibly be. The end result is that you get a shave that is close as well as comfortable. If you have ever shaved with blades that are dull you know that they can pull and tug at your skin while they are working. This is not the case with the ES RF41 as the blades will smoothly and easily cut through any obstacle that stands in their way. On top of that, they give you peace of mind knowing that all of your beard will be cut smoothly and to the same length.

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