Philips HQ7390 Williams f1 shaverReview By

This is one of Philips top selling electric shavers, the Philips HQ7390 / 17 Williams F1 mains charging shaver is a great introduction shaver for teenager. A Unique design inspired by the competitive world of Formula one racing. Philips have created this shaver with best technology available. Inspired by Williams F1 hairline precision engineering, Philips bring you premium precision engineering to this shaver. Performance and complete control is at the forefront of this Philips HQ7390 electric shaver.



The Philips design team and engineers looked at the best materials used to build F1 cars that offered toughness and durability. They discovered that the cars chassi on an F1 car had the same requirements they were looking for in the design of the new Philips shaver. The shaver has to be able to handle bumps and knocks, be light weight for control and extremely durable. They came up with an electric shaver that gives expectational shaving performance, easy to use, outstanding design, exclusive features and innovative technology.

Better skin contact gives better results

When F1 cars take corners at high speed they need the cars wheels to grip perfectly to the road surface while following curves on the track. The Philips HQ7390 back viewWilliams F1 team put a lot of hard work and technology into making this happen with things like advanced suspension systems. Similarly, the Philips designers applied advanced technologys to their new shaver to make sure it follows the curves and contours of the face so you never miss a hair.

Reflex Shaving head Action system

The Reflex action system found on the Philips HQ7390 creates individually flouting shaver heads which are flexible and will adjust to every curve on the neck or face. The results are a perfect, close and smooth shave with minimal friction.

Precision hair cutting blade system + Super lift & cut

This shaver has the “Lift & Cut” hair technology precision cutting systems which will cut the shortest stubble. The ultra thin shaver heads cut the longer hairs and the unique micro sized holes will catch, lift and cut even the shortest of hair, delivering the ultimate close experience for an electric shaver of its type. The double action cutting system will achieve a perfect and close shave with less need for shaving the same area multiple times. The profile of the shaver heads are designed to be skin friendly for smooth, friction free skin contact for an extremely comfortable shave.

Compatible & Replacement Shaving Heads

Replacement shaving heads are easily available. The Philips HQ8 shaver heads also fit this model. Philips recommend that you change the shaver heads every 2 years for optimal shaving results but they are still usable for longer providing you look aftre the shaver with regular cleaning.

Water Proof & Washable

This shaver is waterproof and can be used in the shower for a quick wet shave. It can easily be rinsed under a shower head or tap for cleaning hairs away after each shave. Philips recommend regular cleaning of the shaver to maintain great shaving performance.

Easy to use

Full charging takes just one hour ( Full charge LED indicator )
Battery low LED light indicator
30 minutes of shaving time
Display shows charged, low battery & full battery indications
Corded or cordless use

These electric shavers can be used in a 2 pin or 3 pin main socket and it also has a built in automatic voltage selector which adjusts to which ever main voltage you’re using. These features make the shaver compatible with other contries main power sources, giving you the freedom to take your electric shaver with you on holiday almost anywhere in the world.

What’s in the box?

1 x Philips HQ7390 Williams F1 electric shaver
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Protective cap
1 x Charger cable