Philips Nivea Shaver HS8460



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This is the revolutionary new Nivea shaver from Philips. Claimed to be one of the most sophisticated shavers ever created. This model comes with a built in Nivea for men shaving conditioning cream which is automatically dispensed onto the skin during shaving for less irritation and a super smooth shaving experience. The Nivea shaving conditioner has a natural micro tec formula which is enriched with vitamins.

The Built in Nivea For Men Shaving System

The Nivea shaving conditioner is dispensed directly to the skin when shaving where it acts as a lubricant and at the same time moisturises the skin. The conditioner is enriched with vitamins and has natural micro tec system with conditioners to give you healthy looking skin. You will enjoy shaving ever day with the Philips HS8460 electric shaver.

The Nivea shaving condition that comes with this shaver will last up to 3 months under regular contitions of use. Refills are also cheap and easily available from places such as This shaver is designed to leave your skin healthy looking and fresh after each shave.

Soothed skin – The Nivea conditioner soothes the skin during shaving to protect skin against irritation.

Smooth Superior Gliding – The Nivea cream moisturises the skin and at the same time lubricates producing a smooth glide across the skin for further skin protection.

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Cure tracking with the Flex Tracker System

This shaver will provide advanced protection against skin irritation with the Flex tracking system which follows the curves on your face. This unique system ensures superior skin contact over all areas of the face so you never miss a spot, even the troublesome neck hairs are captured easily. The Flex tracker shaving heads ensures hairs are firmly gripped from the root with each cut for maximum closeness. The Philips HS8460 shaver will produce a perfectly smooth shave every time.

Moustache & Side burn trimming

Philips HS8440 comes with Moustache and side burn trimmer that allows you to trim and style as you wish.

Stretch and Lift Rings

The shaver comes equipped with special rings with a stretching and lifting pattern that contributes to a great shave. The shaver head glides smoothly over the surface of the skin, stretching the skin at the same time which lets the roots lift up close against the shaver rings to give the closest shave possible. These special shaving head rings work in synergy with the dispensed Nivea conditioner to give a smooth shave without any irritation.

Charge & Shaveing Time

The shaver takes just four hours to fully charge. Once charged you will have 40+ minutes of shaving time which is enough for the shaver to only need charged every couple of weeks as shaving is done in just a few minutes.

Waterproof Shaver For A Wet Shave & Easy Washing

This Philips Shaver can be used in the shower, saving time and giving you that fresh sensation you get with a wet shave. The Philips HS8440 shaver is also washable which means cleaning is fast and easy, simply rinse this waterproof shaving heads under a tap or shower. This model also comes with a cleaning brush to help remove even the smallest of particles and hair.

Comfortable Easy grip with total control

The shaver has been designed to make ease of the usual difficult places on the face to shave such as the jaw line. Philips HS8460 Nivea electric shavers for men are a great solution for grip & control.

Some Shaving Techniques

There are some shaving techniques that will help give your shaver lasting results and will help keep your shaver in great condition for years. When shaving, move the shaver across the skin quickly and move in both circular & stright motions. Your skin may need a couple of weeks to get accustomed to the Philips shaver. When the shaver is not n use the protective cap should be used. The shaver heads should be replaced every 2 years. New Shaver heads are cheap and easy to get.

To prevent damage, put the protection cap on the shaver after use and replace the shaving heads every two years to keep it running in tip top condition!