Philips PowerTouch plus PT870cc


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This is the new Philips PT870cc clean and charge electric shaver from their new “PowerTouch” range of shavers. This model is designed for fast, convenient and comfortable dry shaving. It has a powerful and long lasting Lithium ION battery which gives almost one hour of cordless shaving time. Also, this is the PT870cc, the cc standing for “Clean and Charge” which is a Jet cleaning system that comes with this model. The “Clean and Charge” station will thoroughly wash, lubricate, dry and charge the shaver after each use, giving you that right out the box feeling every day and keeping the shaver operating at peak level.


Philips PowerTouch plus PT870cc main Features

  • Ultra-thin heads offer Dual Precision cutting for cutting long hair to short stubble
  • Philips Patented Super “Lift & Cut” Dual Blade Technology gives a close shave
  • SmartPivot ensures constant contact with skin with advanced contour following action automatically adjusting to every curve
  • Comes with the Philips PowerTouch Jet Clean system to wash, dry, lubricate, and charge your shaver at the touch of a button
  • The latest and powerful Lithium ION battery to give 50+ minutes of cordless shaving
  • 3 minute quick charge function for one shave from flat

Philips PowerTouch plus PT870cc

SmartPivot, Lift & Cut Technology and Dual Precision Cutting

Philips has created a patented technology that they call “Super lift and Cut” that lifts each hair away from the skin to cut. This is how Philips is PowerTouch plus shaverable to produce such a close shave with the shaver models equipped with the “Super lift and Cut” system. You will be pleased to know this technology is included on the 3 rotary blades heads of Philips PT870cc shaver. Each blade is also equipped with a dual blade system. The first blade is responsible for pulling and lifting the hair away from your skin. This may sound like a harsh way of shaving but the shaver operates so fast and with great precision that you do not even feel the hairs being lifted. Once the hair has been lifted a second blade actually cuts the hair. This allows the shaver to get a close cut without nicking your skin or cause skin any irritation.

If you look closely at the 3 heads on the shaver you will notice that it has a repeating pattern of slots and holes. The slots are used to catch longer hair so that it can be cut. The holes are used to grasp shorter hair or stubbles. This ingenious design ensures every hair is cut without missing any and makes for a close shave.

To further enhance the PowerTouch plus PT870cc ability to thoroughly cut all the hairs without missing any, the 3 rotary heads also include a technology called SmartPivot. The SmartPivot allows each of the 3 heads to swivel and operate in a full range of motion. This is nice because your face is not a flat surface. The shaver needs to be able to remain in constant contact with the skin while maneuvering across all the groves and contours of the face and neck to cut evenly. The “SmartPivot” technology addresses this problem with precision.

Pop up trimmer

Once you have finished shaving, you can easily trim your moustache or sideburns with the pop up precision trimmer. Just press the button at the back of the shaver handle and it releases the trimmer. You can then trim your sideburns, moustache or gouty without ever putting down the shaver.

Jet Clean and Charge System

Unlike a lot of other shaver which just have a stand that store and charges the shaver, this Philips PowerTouch plus PT870cc comes with a Jet clean system to thoroughly clean all the hairs out of the shaver after each use. But that’s not all, the system will also dry and lubricate the shaver making it ready to use at peak performance for you next shave. T o finish things off the system will also charge the shaver, making this an amazing 5 function machine (1:Wash 2:Dry 3:Lubricate 4:Charge 5:Store)

There is a display indicator on the top of the handle of this shaver. This indicator will let you know if the shaver has a low battery of if the battery is fully charged. There is also a separate indicator light that shows when the shaver is being charged.

Easy to clean in just seconds

The shaver in this set in much the same as the Philips PT920 but this one comes with the very cool “Clean & Change” station. It is very easy to clean this PT870cc shaver. You can easily run the shaver head under running water to remove all the hair that collects during shaving. If the water does not fully remove all the hairs, Philips includes a brush with this shaver that can be used to completely clean the heads. The shaver is completely sealed so you don’t have to worry about the water damaging the shaver during cleaning. This shaver does not have the full “Aquatec Seal” found in the 100% waterproof wet/dry Philips shavers. Although you can run the shaver under water to clean it I do not recommend using it in the shower or exposed to a lot if water. This shaver is designed for best results with dry shaving.

Powerful and long lasting

It has a powerful and long lasting Lithium ION rechargeable battery built in. The shave takes about an hour for it to completely recharge the battery if it ever happens to run it flat. Once the shaver it is completely charged it will provide about 50 minutes of shaving time. This equates to being able to do about 17 shaves before you have to recharge the battery. If the battery is completely dead you don’t have to wait a full our on it re charging in order to get a shave. What a nightmare that would be in the morning! It has a handy “Quick Charge” feature that takes only 3 minutes to charge the shaver with enough power for one shave.

How do customers rate this Philips shaver?

The Philips PowerTouch plus Pt870cc shaver is relatively new so there are not that many reviews for it. At the time I wrote this review (January 2012) there were a total of 13 customer review left at The overall rating awarded to this shaver by these 13 customers comes out at 4 out of 5 stars which is a very good rating. The majority of reviews are very positive with customer reporting that the shaver holds a charge well, it looks great and has a sturdy, quality feel too it. People are also very happy with the shave it gives with people reporting that the shaver is close and smooth.