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Shaving is a daily activity that some men hate, but some men have found that they actually started to enjoy shaving after using the Philips PowerTouch Pro PT020 Rechargeable electric shaver. The Philips PowerTouch Pro is the top of the line shaver in Philips PowerTouch lineup. If you are looking for a great quality shaver to make the daily shaving chore enjoyable while achieving exceptional results, then you may find the Philips Pro PT920 is for you.

Product Features

  • Triple track blades provide 50% more shaving surface than found on traditional razors
  • Designed to handle short and long hair
  • Provides the closest and smoothest cut of any comparable shaver
  • The triple blades operate on a Smart
  • Pivot heads to easily glide over the different contours of face and neck
  • Can be fully charged in just an hour or you can use the quick charge setting
  • Convenient travel pouch included

Philips Pro PT920 Electric Shaver Overview

The Philips PowerTouch Pro is Philips latest range of electric shavers and replaces the traditional manual shave with disposable razors. It’s a cordless shaver which is designed for best results for dry shaving.

With this shaver is a base charging station that is plugged into a wall power outlet. The base serves two functions. First it recharges the shaver when not in use and secondly it acts as a stand and place to store the shaver, which also looks very stylish. It takes just one hour to fully charge the shaver from a flat battery and when fully charged you get over one hour of continuous cordless shaving. With the average shave only taking a few minutes to complete the battery power will last to give over 20 shaves. If you are only using the Philips PowerTouch to shave once per day, or every other day then the shaver could go for almost a whole month without needing to be re-charged.

You don’t need to worry about having to wait a full hour on the shaver charging if the battery ever runs out as there is a “Quick Charge” feature, which takes only 3 minutes to charge the shaver for one shave.

The head of the Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 shaver has 3 blades which are of the rotary type. Each blade is circular in design and each blade has 3 separate blades that are raised on top of each other. Philips calls this their triple track blade. The advantage of this design is that it provides 50% more coverage area than you would find in a traditional razor. This will give a more thorough shave and reduce the need shave the same area twice, reducing time and chance of irritation.

Shaving with a round blade requires you to use a different shaving pattern. You move in a circular motion around your face for best results. The blades operate independently and the smart pivot technology allows the shaver to easily move across the contours of your face. Each of the 3 shaver heads pivot and swivel through a full range of motion following all the contours of the face and neck. This allows for optimum skin contact during shaving and ensures no hairs are missed.

It takes very little effort to use this shaver. You do not have to apply much pressure for the Philips PowerTouch Pro to provide a very clean and smooth shave. By not having to apply a lot of pressure there is less friction when shaving keeping your skin pain free.

If you have sideburns or a mustache, there is a flip out trimmer. Just push a button and the trimmer pops out allowing you to easily trim and style sideburns, mustache or beard. A lot of other electric shavers come with a separate trimmer but people have experienced that the trimmer on this Philips PowerTouch Pro works very well. I was disappointed when I reviewed the PT720 shaver is it did not have a trimmer so I was glad to see the essental add on with this Pro PT920 model.

Another thing I really like about this shaver is that cut hairs are caught and within a chamber on the handle. This is great because there is no mess left after using this shaver. Again, this is a great time saving feature as you no longer have to clean up after each shave. When you are finished shaving, just click a button and the hair chamber will flip open. Just run the chamber under running water to clean the shaver.

If you travel frequently for work, you will be pleased to know that Philips includes a travel pouch with the PT920 Pro shaver. The pouch allows you to easily carry the shaver when traveling. This is particularly handy if you want to take your shaver with you on holiday.

Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Pros

This shaver makes shaving enjoyable and that can be a hard feat to accomplish. The triple blades allow for a fast, close and irritation free shave. It is very easy to clean the shaver with the built in cut hair storage chamber. The Philips PowerTouch Pro has one of the smoothest and cleanest cuts of any electric shaver I have ever used. It comes with a full 2 year warranty which gives great peace of mind in the unlikey even the shaver stops working.

Philips PowerTouch Pro PT920 Cons

Unfortunately there’s no such thing as 100% perfection but I’m hard pushed to find anything negative to say about this product. The only thing is that a very small number (6 out of 58 people at the time of writing) gave it a low rating because they didn’t feel it gave a good enough shave. Personally I think this could be down to skin type and expectation of the PowerTouch Pro as the huge majority of people find this shaver to give an exceptional shave. One other point is that although Philips say that this shaver is water proof, it may just be washing and not fully water proof as it’s not part of Philips range of shavers with the “Aquatec” seal.

Philips PowerTouch Pro Reviews

This electric shaver is rated very highly at 4.5 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon and has been given one of the greatest numbers of positive reviews of any electric shaver I’ve seen of its type. With these high ratings and reviews coming from real people who have used this product, it give great peace of mind that people are happy with it, and that it works. Almost 90% of the reviews for this product rate it as either 4 stars or 5 stars. These high reviews just reinforce the fact that this is a solid product, a good buy and one of the many reason that we rate this shaver so highly.

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