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Philips is at the forefront of men’s electric shaver technology and has been for a number of years. They have an exceptional range of shavers on the market to suite personal needs and financial budgets. At the age of 30 I had never used an electric shaver until the Philips PowerTouch PT720 shaver landed on my desk a few days ago to be reviewed. In this review I will be covering everything that comes with this PowerTouch PT720 model and my personal experience with it.



Philips PowerTouch PT720 Electric Shaver Review

I have always shaved using a good disposable razor and shaving gel. At the moment I am using the Gillette Fusion 5 blade razor and Gillette shaving gel which is giving me a very comfortable and close shave. As I am very happy with my current shaving conditions I was very sceptical about the pending shave I was going to experience from the Philips PowerTouch PT720 electric Shaver. Before I get into how this shaver performed for me I am going to walk you through the contents of the box and this shaver’s features.

PT720 grip   

What do you get in the box?

The Philips PowerTouch PT720 shaver is nicely packaged and contains a Philips PT720 electric shaver, a shaver head protective cap, a small cleaning brush for the rotary shaver heads, battery charger, extending 1 year guarantee registration card, instruction booklet and guide with diagrams.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that the battery charger cable has a 2 pin plug. This is useless for us in the UK so we need a 3 pin plug. Not a big problem though as all you need is a small adaptor to make it compatible with a UK power outlet and they are easy enough to find online or in a high street shop. In fact, I picked one of these adaptors up in Pound Land for… you guessed it, £1. You can see the 2 pin power lead and adaptor in the pictures below.


2 Years Guarantee

Before I move into the shaver I want to point out some of the paper work that was inside the box. Most people just toss this stuff aside when they buy a new product – I’m guilty of this too. The shaver itself comes with a 1 year manufactures guarantee but inside the box is a registration card that provides an additional 1 year guarantee. By just taking a few minutes to fill out an online registration form HERE and you increase your new Philips shaver guarantee to 2 years.

Another leaflet within the box provides details of products for maintaining the life and performance of your shaver so try not to overlook this. Philips recommends you change the shaver heads every 2 years. Replacement shaver heads are cheap and easy to buy. Replacing the Philips shaver heads works out at a price of around £20 every 2 years which is a lot cheaper than replacing disposable razor blades such as the Gillette ones I am using at the moment.

This Philips Powertouch PT720 Electric Shaver is part of Philips “Powertouch” range of shavers, of which there is currently three models. The PT920, PT870cc and PT720 that I am reviewing. This Philips Powertouch PT720 model is the most basic of the bunch and is ranked at the bottom of the range. I thought this shaver would be a good starting point as I plan to work my way up and physically review the entire Philips PowerTouch and Aquatouch range.


Philips Powertouch PT720 Washable Dry Shaver

Some electric shavers on the market are fully waterproof making them compatible for use with shaving creams and gels. This Philips Powertouch PT720 shaver and all the PowerTouch range is designed only for dry shaving. It is the Philips Aquatouch models that can be used for both wet and dry shaving. However, this Philips Powertouch PT720 shave is washable. There is a small button located at the front of the shaver head, when pressed it will open the shaver head on a hinge. At this point the metal shaver heads can be washed under running water for easy cleaning. There is also a small cleaning brush included with this shaver to clean out any stray hairs within the shaver handle. I have provided and image below to show this feature in action.

The Powertouch PT720 handle has a high quality feel and fits nicely in the hand. At the front of the shaver there is a rubber anti slip coating that has the power on/off switch imbedded within. Just under the power button is an LED light which indicates battery power level and charging levels.

When I first opened the shaver and found the 2 pin plug issue I did not have the required adaptor which I previously mentioned to charge the shaver. However, the shaver comes with a partially charged batter so you can start using it right out of the box which was good.

The shaver head has three rotary cutting elements which have the Philips lift and cut feature. What this does is lifts hairs up and away from the skin and then cuts them off. This is how the shaver manages to achieve such a close shave.

Each circular shaving element has one outer cutting ring. Some of the other Philips shavers have 2 cutting rings but as this is just the most basic model in the range there is only the one. Each of the three cutting elements are kind of free floating and are mounted on plastic tops that pivot inward. This design makes the shaver able to adapt to the groves on the face such as around the chin and jaw line. As mentioned though, this is the bottom of the Powertouch range so does not have the “Smart Pivot” feature found on other modes within the range. That said, I think this shaver is very adaptive without the “Smart Pivot” feature anyway.

Many other electric shavers on the market at the moment have a pop up trimmer but this Philips Powertouch PT720 does not have one. You would need to buy the Powertouch plus or pro model if you want a trimmer.

shaver head

How did the Philips Powertouch PT720 perform?

Now onto the most important part of this review on the Philips Powertouch PT720 electric shaver – its shaving performance. As I mentioned earlier, I am happy with my wet shaving routine and equipment. I was not expecting this shaver to perform that well.

The instructions provided say that the shaver should be used in a circular shaving pattern across the skin so I did this which felt a little strange as I have never shaved this way before. It did give a surprising close shave. I then moved down and began to shave the neck area and the shaver adapted well to contours and groves, keeping in even content with my skin throughout the entire shave.

The shaver is very quiet when operating which I found to be a great bonus. I expected it to be very loud for some reason. With it being very quiet you don’t need to worry that you’ll wake the whole family up when shaving in the morning.

As said, the shave I experienced from the Philips Powertouch PT720 shaver was close, smooth and quiet. Shaving was comfortable but I did feel some irritation around the neck after the shave. I have read that the skin needs at least a week to become used to an electric shaver so I am hoping that this minor irritation will gradual diminish with each use.

I don’t think the shave from the Philips Powertouch PT720 is good enough for me to completely give up on manual wet shaving, not for me anyway. I think this shaver would be great for travelling or a fast shave when pushed for time but not for every day use. Don’t get me wrong though. I am quite happy with the results but I still prefer a wet shave. Keep in mind though that this is Philips most basic model from the Powertouch range. It may be that a shaver from higher in their range with better features and performance will persuade me to give up manual wet shaving. I gave this shaver a 3.5 out of 5 star rating and I would recommend spending just a little extra and buy the Aquatouch AT890 as it’s a better performer.