Philips qc5170 hair clipper


Looking good today is very important to a lot of men and it also carries advantages such as giving a first impression when going on a date or in a job interview, first impressions matter and the Philips qc5170 hair clippers will have you looking your best without the need to go to the Barbours. In just minutes this clipper will have you looking well groomed so you can get in with your day in confidence.

Philips qc5170 hair clippers are precise instruments created just for this purpose to keep the person smart on the go. You can evenly cut hair all along to get that perfect hairdo. With its head that can pivot to a total range of 180 degrees it is possible to reach the most difficult of places by yourself. The device comes with two contour combs which have the ability to cut hairs of 3 to 11 mm and 13 to 21 mm long. These are two small and large combs that are given with the clipper. With their help you could contour your hair as you prefer.

The Philips qc5170 hair clipper comes with a reliable and strong motor which makes sure that you will not have a broken trimmer after a few uses. Hair will not caught up in the motor and create a problem. Even if there are bits and pieces of hair on it you could use the brush given with the full set to clean it. The motor is the key to the rechargeable clipper’s success in cutting hair precisely. On the go hair cutting solution is further enhanced because it can be taken anywhere due to its portable size.

The Philips qc5170 is conveniently designed to fit into your hand and for it to be able to do all the trimming jobs for you. The powerful motor clipper on headruns on an internal power supply that can keep the motor running for an hour after a full charge. When it is used at home you could always attach the power cord and keep using it as long as you need.

The blades which actually cut your hair are so sharp that they cut hair perfectly. This sharpness will not wear off with use because of a ground breaking set of stainless steel blades fitted to the motor. When hair comes into contact with the blades they will not be dried off or the lubricants wear off. They will remain lubricated for the rest of their tenure of use. The blades can be adjusted over a number of 10 adjustments to make a difference in the way they trim your hair.

I’ve been cutting my own hair for around 9 years now & I’ve always used clippers. My last set was Remington clippers which done me well.

Sometimes it would be difficult to get all the hair and I’d end up missing a patch, mostly at the back of the head.

I decided to order these last week as they were cheap on Amazon than eBay. The clippers are sturdy and extremely easy to use. They can be used in the main or cordless and with the swivel I didn’t miss any of my hair, these are the best hair clippers I’ve had, I highly recommend them!