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If you are looking for the very best electric shaver, this Philips SensoTouch RQ1280cc advanced premium shaver is as good as it gets. Obviously, with this being at the top of the Philips range, it’s going to be more expensive than the average shaver. Personally, I think this is not only an amazing shaver in terms of both function and quality but it’s one of the best looking electric shavers on the market. In this review I will be exploring the functions and quality that has made this electric shaver so superior.


Philips SensoTouch RQ1280cc GyroFlex 3D Electric Shaver Features

  • Three blade head has 3 levels of cutting styles on each head which allows the shaver to cut hair of any length
  • JetClean system will clean, dry and lubricate the shaver blades while at the same time charging the shaver
  • Includes a tube precision trimmer to trim moustache or sideburns with great maneuverability and precision
  • Can be used with shaving foam/gel for wet shave or dry shave
  • Philips “Aquatec Seal” makes this shaver completely waterproff
  • Complete set with Luxurious travel pouch and protection cap
  • Can be fully charged in just one hour and can provide up to 20 shaves after being fully charged

Philips SensoTouch RQ1280cc GyroFlex 3D

The first thing you will notice about the Philips SensoTouch RQ1280cc GyroFlex 3D electric rechargeable shaver is the quality of the design. Most electric shavers are built using cheap plastic or rubber. The Philips SensoTouch shaver however is built from solid stainless steel. As soon as you take this Philips SensoTouch RQ1280cc shaver out the box you will feel the quality by just holding it in your hand. Immediately, you know this shaver is something special and built to last a life time.

Let’s talk about the Philips GyroFlex 3D shaver heads

The head of this shaver has 3 rotary elements for cutting that are mounted on a 360 degree pivoting head. Each of the 3 cutting heads moves independently by tilting inwards and outwards. It’s this design that Philips call “GyroFlex 3D” and this is how the shaver seamlessly adjusts to

If you go without shaving for a few days the hair growth can become long and thick. This high level of facial hair can be quit tough to remove with a manual razor or an average electric shaver. Some electric shavers struggle to cope with cutting 3 days of growth and you will also find the same problem even with the best manual razor. With this struggle and extra work to remove the hairs can lead to skin irritation. Philips have designed the cutting heads so that even 3 days of hair growth can be shaved off with ease, leaving your skin feeling smooth and irritation free with minimal effort.

GyroFlex cleaning station Philips shaver being used

The UltraTrack Shaver Elements

The 3 shaving heads have an “UltraTrack” system which consists of 3 specialized tracks on the circular shaving heads. These levels are referred to as slots, channels and holes. The purchase of each layer is to be able to meticulously trim hair of any length. The large outer track is designed for cutting normal hairs, the inner track is for cutting the shortest stubble and finally the center track is designed to lift and cut any flat lying hairs. With the combination of the UltraTrack and GyroFlex 3D you hardly need to apply any pressure when shaving, less pressure equals less irritation.

SkinGlide with Lift and Cut Technology

As mentioned, the new Philips SensoTouch RQ1280cc shaver can handle either wet or dry shaving. Personally I prefer wet shaving with an electric shaver as I like the convenience and freshness of shaving in the shower. The SensoTouch feature of this shaver allows you to barely apply any pressure on the shaver yet it is still able to make a super close and clean with just a few strokes. This allows you to effortlessly perform a wet or dry shaver every day. If you prefer a dry shave then this shaver will perform just as flawlessly.

The shaver is able to provide a clean cut even when going through foam or gel that you use during a wet shave. There is also a “SkinGlide” feature which allows for the shaver heads to effortlessly glide across the surface of the skin during shaving, this feature will make for a closer shave and further reduces any chance of irritating the skin. Another great patented feature on this shaver that is also found in other Philips models is the “Lift and Cut technology” which lifts the hair away from the skin before cutting to give the closest possible shave.


Display and Charging Station Features

The handle of the SensoTouch RQ1280cc shaver has a touch numeric display. Unlike most other electric shavers where you will get an “Low power” battery level indicator in the form of an LED light, this SensoTouch RQ1280 displys the battery life in minutes. So during shaving you can accurately see how much time is left before the shaver needs to be recharged. It’s little things like this that shows just how much attention to details Philips have put into designing the shaver.

If you want to know how much power is remaining in the battery there is a digital display that will tell you exactly how much charge is left in the shaver. There are hidden displays below the led display. The hidden display will only lit up under certain conditions like when the shaver is in travel lock mode, when it is charging or when the battery is low.

To put on the finishing touches after shaving, the Philips RQ1280cc shaver includes a tube precision trimmer. This trimmer can be used to trim your moustache or sideburns.

The charging station takes just one hour to fully charge the shaver. This shaver when fully charged will last for about 20 shaves before you have to recharge. This is easily 10 to 20 percent more shaves than you will get compared with some competing shavers. If you are a frequent traveler this is a god send because you can travel with a fully charger razor and not have to worry about taking the charging base station.

Philips provides a jet clean system with this shaver. You insert the shaver upside down into the JetClean system. The cleaning fluid will actually clean, dry and lubricate the shaving blades. It does this while also charging the shaver. This feature will actually extend the useful life of your shaver because it helps to clean out the shaver so that it does not get clogged with hair and ensures the shaver is working at optimum performance at all times.

Buyer Reviews on the RQ1280cc GyroFlex 3D

The Philips SensoTouch Shaver is rated at 4.5 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon by real customers who own this model. Out of all the reviews written for this shaver, only one person has rated it below 3 stars. Over 88% of the reviewers rated it 4 stars or higher and left a very positive review. The feedback reviews for this model are some of the best that I’ve seen for any electric shaver.