Philips Shaver RQ1150



With the new Senso Touch from philips you can start every day with super smooth skin without the redness. Philips are always pushing for perfection with thier products. Not just with this shaver but with all electronic products manufatured by this brand. All their products reflect great quality, their technology makes life easier and the high performance is always a great addition.

Senso Touch Technology By Philips

The senso touch shaver is designed to follow every curve of the face and neck for the ultimate experience in shaving. High performance, quiality and revolutionary technology design offers you accuracy and style when shaving. This model can reach every corner and gives a perfectly close shave with complete control. The senso touch shaver is water proof so whether you like a quick dry shave or a cool wet shave, the choice is yours. The handle is slim with a non slip grip, stylish foil finish and desplay details.

GYROFLEX 2D Tracking

The tracking system easily adapts to the contours and curves of the face and neck which reduces to need to add much pressure. The swivel mechanism allows fit the head section to tilt forward and back for the hair to be gripped firmly at its rootr shave. Philips RQ1150 SensoToucn was designed to conquer all the curves, hugging of the skin without rubbing, but still giving a close shave, whatever the direction of hair growth. The 2D GYROFLEX System provides amazing attention to detail. Each component is designed and manufactured with one goal in mind – to give a great shaving experience every time.

The Patented Super lift & cut System

The super lift & cut system in Philips Senso Touch shaver patented technology that givers a super close shave. This is a double blade system that lifts hairs to cut below the skin for extra comfort & smoothness. Reflex action systems offer super closeness and contour following. The double blades cut hair more effectively with the first blade lifting the hairs and the second cutting for an unmatched comfortable and close shave.

Precision trimmer for mustache and sideburns with SkinGlide to minimize pressure and irritationwith Dual Precision.

DualPrecision shaver heads have slots to shave the normal hairs and holes to shave even the shortest hairs.

The senso touch has a SkinGlide for a low friction shaving surface which slides effortless along the skin for a smooth, close shave. For sideburns and moustaches the senso touch shaver comes with skin friendly precision trimmer.

The shaver has a charging time of one hour and a Max shaving use time of up too 50 minutes. The shaver is fully cordless and comes with a charger. You my be interested in the slightly newer version of this shaver called the RQ1180 which comes with a travel pouch.

Box Contains:

1 x Philips SensoTouch RQ1150 Electric Shaver Rechargeable
1 x Charging stand
1 x Protection cap
1 x Cleaning brush