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Never underestimate shaving as a minor activity that doesn’t deserve enough attention. Unless you want annoying stubble and painful ingrown hairs, you’d better get serious about the whole shaving process. Enter the Remington F7790 Comfort 360 Foil Shaver. Not enough can be said about how cool this handy little appliance is and people rate it better than the new Remington R8150 Dual Track.

First, I’m always on the look out for easy-to-use bathroom electrical devices which do not present a danger when it comes to electricity or a fuss when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. That is why I absolutely fell in love with this Remington F7790 shaver which sees to both of these requirements. Check it out; whether it’s during or after shaving, I can easily put my shaver head under the tap and run some water through it for cleaning purposes! How many shavers do you think would actually allow me to do this without running electricity through me first? Practically zero! That’s safety and maintenance combined into one!

Secondly, I’m looking at something which doesn’t confine me to the space in front of my bathroom mirror. The Remington F7790 has so many features that allow for as much flexibility as you need.

Travelling for an overnight or weekend trip? Grab the shaver’s handy travel pouch and you’re good to go!F7790 in the box
Need to use it away from your bathroom mirror? No problem. Just detach the charging cord and you have a portable shaver to walk around with about your home as you please.

Going camping or hiking? Just charge your Remington F7790 shaver and you get 60minutes of operation time!

Don’t get worried about having the charge run out on your without notice. It has a bright digital display which lets you know how much time you have left.

Third, there is one thing that always disappoints me about most shavers. The stub and fuzz left behind after I’m done shaving. It just won’t go away! Well, I sure I’m glad to say that the Remington F7790 electric shaver solves that problem. Getting a really close shave without having to push the shaver up against my face was easy. It glides so effortlessly over your skin and the results are amazing. It gets rid of not only the short, but even longer hairs, using handy in-built trimmer!

Unfortunately this model received a somewhat disappointing 3.5 star rating.