HC365 Hair ClipperToday I am going to be talking about the Remington HC365 Stylist Hair Clipper Set which I actualy happen to own and use regularly so I am able to give you first hand experience on this product. This is a mid range set of hair clippers which are priced at around £20. Before I dive into this in depth review on this product, lets take a look at its key features.





Product Key Features

  • The blade are Ceramic-coated and are infused with Silica which makes them harder and extra durable
  • Adjustable taper level length
  • Both Corded and cordless use and up to 40 minutes continues operation
  • 6x Attachment combs of between 3 and 24mm (1-8 grade lengths)
  • Includes sectioning clips, scissors, detail trimmer, combs, clipper cleaning brush, cape, clipper blades cap, neck brush and storage case.

Remington HC365 Stylist Hair Clipper Review

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph of this review, I own this Remington HC365 clipper set and use them every week. I previously owned a set of Babyliss hair clippers which I still have but no longer use after I bought this Remington clipper set.

I can honestly say that these clippers are excellent and do a fantastic job. The cut feels very clean and sharp which I think is down to the quality Ceramic-coated blades, which produce a much better cut when compared to my Babyliss clippers. The blades also have a self sharpening feature so you don’t need to worry about the blades becoming blunt and loosing their sharp cutting ability.

The Remington HC365 clippers feel very light in your hands and have a very comfortable handle. I think they also look very smart. The case of the clipper is made of black plastic and feels very well made. On the left hand side of the clipper handle is a silver power on/off switch and just above that is a taper adjustment lever. The taper adjustment lever moves with 5 clicks ether way to give a close shave from around 1 to 3mm.remington box contents

The clipper set comes with a range of combs which are of sizes 1 to grade 8. Personally I have only used the guard combs a few times and they worked just fine. As mentioned in the “Key features” section. This clipper set comes with a 25 piece accessory kit which includes a nice storage case, combs, detail pen trimmer, sectioning clips, ear guides for accurately cutting around the ear areas, scissors, protective caps, moustache comb, brushes and even right down to a cape to keep cut hairs off your clothing. There is enough here to start a barber business from home.

There is a nice detail pen trimmer that comes with this set but it does not come with batteries. You will need to buy 2x AAA batteries to use the trimmer.

Remington HC365 Stylist Hair the bad bits

One thing that lets this clipper down is the batter durability and there are a number of customer reviews I’ve seen that also have this same complaint. Remington claims this clipper will operate on cordless use for up to 40 minutes but it’s more like 10 or 15 tops. I use this clipper to shave my head and I need the clipper to be fully charged to ensure it lasts untill I’ve finished shaving my whole head. The good thing is though that the clipper also works corded, you just need to find an available mains socket and you can use it from there. There is a noticeable power and performance difference when the clipper is running off mains power compared to battery. Which again points to this clipper not having a very good rechargable battery inside.

Another thing I noticed was that one of the teeth snapped off one of the shorter combs quite easily. I think Remington should have used a stronger plastic for these parts.

All in this is a very good clipper set for the price. For £20 you are getting not only a great electric clipper but a case full of accessories. I would not let the lower batter power duration put you off buying this. I am happy with mine, continue to use it every week and have no plans of changing it any time soon